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International Resources for Latter-day Saints

The Cumorah Project is a privately funded initiative that engages in research and education. All resources developed are made available online at no cost. Our major areas of emphasis include:

  • Country and culture research
  • Missiology research (church growth, research, education)
  • Gospel topics
  • Ancient language research
  • Digitization and preparation of electronic texts on related themes
  • Development of original resources

Quote of the day!

"The day of the Lamanite is here and the gospel brings opportunity. Millions farm the steep hillsides of Andean ranges and market their produce with llamas and burros. They must have the emancipating gospel. Millions in Ecuador, Chile, and Bolivia serve in menial labor, eking out bare subsistence from soil and toil. They must hear the compelling truths. Millions through North America are deprived, untrained, and achieving less than their potential. They must have the enlightening gospel. It will break their fetters, stir their ambition, increase their vision, and open new worlds of opportunity to them. Their captivity will be at an end—the captivity of misconceptions, illiteracy, superstition, fear. ‘The clouds of error disappear before the rays of truth divine.’ The brighter day has dawned. The scattering has been accomplished—the gathering is in process. May the Lord bless us all as we become nursing parents unto our Lamanite brethren and hasten the fulfillment of the great promises made to them."
Spencer W. Kimball   Faith Precedes the Miracle, p. 358

Reaching the Nations

Country reports on the LDS Church around the world from a landmark almanac being developed. Includes detailed analysis of history, context, culture, needs, challenges and opportunities for church growth. These articles can be viewed in any web browser except Internet Explorer.

Case Studies

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Thursday, 24th March, 2016 07:18 AM
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Thursday, 24th March, 2016 07:18 AM

LDS International Atlas - Google Maps

An online atlas providing the location and organizational structure of LDS congregations, missions, stakes, and districts worldwide. The atlas also contains country and state maps of the most populous unreached cities and the status of LDS outreach by ethnolinguistic group. Access the atlas on the left-hand column under "LDS International Atlas - Google Maps." The atlas is strictly for educational purposes. For information regarding LDS meetinghouse locations and times, visit lds.org/maps. Below are links to world regions of the atlas.

More Resources

Law of the Harvest:
Practical Principles of Effective Missionary Work.
Original research on effective LDS missionary work around the world.

Missiology Encyclopedia
LDS Growth Encyclopedia on Missionary Work and Church Growth (Missiology).

Cumorah Gospel Library Electronic Text Project
Originally prepared electronic versions of classic LDS texts.

Cumorah Best Books Electronic Text Project
Digitized texts of some of the world's best books. World classics, history, self-improvement, and more.

Words to Live By Quotation Database
Over 2000 inspirational quotations, many related to missionary work. Great for talks or lessons on any topic.

Discussions with My Friend: An Introduction to the Gospel
Resource essays for sharing the gospel.

Non-English Gospel and Language Resources
Short missionary-oriented articles and resources in other languages including many original translations of the Cumorah Foundation.

International Photos
Photos taken by Latter-day Saints around the world.